Brand Licence Management

Matrix Plus Secure

Matrix Plus is a value-add on to all licensed companies. It solves the barrier between the fake license and the original license. With the help of this, consumers can identify the originality of the products. All licenses can be checked by 2D Hologram, a unique label, it’s manufacturing time period, batches via smartphones, Computers or tablets across anywhere in the world.

Solutions –

  • Anti Counterfeit solution
    Resolves the problem of all proprietary software, international licensing projects and many more.
  • 2D Hologram and a Unique label help to identify counterfeit of a license which is visible by end consumers too.
Hologram Sticker - Matrixhologram

Scan using Matrix App to Verify Genuinity

Work Flow

Hologram Sticker - Matrixhologram
Hologram Sticker - Matrixhologram
Hologram Sticker - Matrixhologram

To download the Matrix Plus app, go to Playstore/IOS, search for Matrix Plus app. This app is free to download. Once finished with installation process register your details into the Matrix Plus app.

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