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Frequently Asked Questions

Hologram labels are labels that have a three-dimensional image that appears to change as the label is viewed from different angles. They are often used for security purposes to prevent counterfeiting and tampering.

: Hologram stickers work by reflecting light in a way that creates a 3D image. They are created using a laser beam that records a holographic image onto a photosensitive material, which is then transferred onto the hologram sticker.

We offer a variety of hologram security products, including

  • Hologram Sticker
  • QR code Hologram Sticker
  • Barcode Hologam Sticker
  • Serial Number Hologram Sticker
  • Scratch Off Hologram Sticker
  • Customized Text Hologram Sticker
  • Textile Hologram Sticker
  • Hologram Labels 
  •  Holographic Paper Labels
  •  Hologram Shrink Sleeves
  •  Holographic Hot Stamping Foil
  •  Transparent Holograms
  •  Holographic Pouches
  •  Holographic Tapes
  •  Holographic Strips
  •  Holographic Films
  •  Holographic Seals
  • Tamper Evident hologram with void release
  • Tamper Evident hologram with honeycomb release
  • Customised released hologram
  • Hologrm ID Overlay
  • Hologram Pouch
  • Custom Holograms
  • Vehicle Parking Stickers
  •  Stock Holograms

We can also create hologram stickers in a variety of shapes , color and sizes.

Tamper-evident hologram stickers are designed to leave a visible mark when they are removed or tampered with. They are often used to protect high-value items and prevent counterfeiting.

The time it takes to produce hologram stickers depends on the quantity and complexity of the order. We typically provide an estimated production time when we provide a quote.

Yes, we can provide samples of hologram stickers upon request. Contact us to request a sample pack.

To place an order, please contact us with the details of your order, including the type of hologram sticker, the quantity, and any other specifications. We will provide a quote and production time, and you can confirm the order if you wish to proceed.

Yes, we offer custom hologram stickers that can be customized with your logo or other design elements. Contact us for more information on custom hologram stickers.

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