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Hologram stickers are adhesive labels that have a holographic image on them. The holographic image is produced utilising cutting-edge laser technology to produce a three-dimensional image that seems to move or change depending on the angle at which the sticker is seen. As a result, you end up with a sticker that is challenging to duplicate, making it the perfect answer for avoiding fraud, tampering, and illegal access to your goods or documents.

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With our hologram sticker collection, you can ensure the authenticity of your products while also enhancing their visual appeal. Explore our wide selection and find the perfect hologram sticker solution for your business.

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Hologram security stickers are a type of holographic sticker used for anti-counterfeiting and security purposes, featuring a unique 3D image that makes them difficult to replicate.

QR code hologram sticker are a type of holographic sticker that incorporates a QR code, providing an added layer of security and traceability for authentication and anti-counterfeiting purposes.

Barcode hologram stickers feature a holographic image with an embedded barcode, making them an ideal solution for anti-counterfeiting and product tracking.  commonly used for inventory management.

Holographic paper labels are a type of label made from holographic paper material, providing a unique and eye-catching appearance. They are commonly used for branding, product labeling, and security purposes.

Textile hologram stickers are  designed for use on textile products, providing anti-counterfeiting and security measures. They are commonly used on clothing, accessories, and other textile items to help verify their authenticity.

Stock hologram sticker are pre-designed holographic stickers that are readily available in various sizes and designs. They are commonly used for quick and easy labeling or branding purposes, as well as for added security and anti-counterfeiting measures.

Serial number hologram stickers feature a unique serial number embedded within the holographic image. They are commonly used for product authentication, inventory tracking, and anti-counterfeiting measures.

Customized text hologram stickers allows for the inclusion of custom text within the holographic image. They are commonly used for branding, product labeling, eye catching appearance and security purposes.

Scratch off hologram stickers features a scratch-off layer on top of the holographic image, used for security and anti-counterfeiting measures, as the scratch-off layer can reveal a hidden code or message.

Transparent hologram sticker are a type of holographic sticker that is transparent, allowing the underlying surface to be visible while still featuring a holographic image. They are commonly used for branding and security purposes, providing a unique and eye-catching appearance while also enhancing authenticity and preventing counterfeiting.

Hologram shrink sleeves are a type of packaging material made from holographic film that is heat-shrunk onto a product. They are commonly used in the packaging industry to protect and label products while also providing a distinctive appearance and anti-counterfeiting measures through the use of holographic technology.

Hologram pouches are specialized packaging materials made from holographic film, featuring a unique 3D image that provides an added layer of security and anti-counterfeiting measures. They are commonly used in the food and beverage industry to package and protect products, ensuring their authenticity and preventing tampering.

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Benefits of Hologram Stickers

Hologram stickers have a number of advantages, including brand protection, tamper-evidence, and anti-counterfeiting. They are therefore a well-liked option for several industries, including banking, healthcare, and retail.

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Hologram stickers are frequently used as anti-counterfeiting safeguards, especially on pricey items like banknotes, passports, credit cards and luxury goods.The hologram's distinctive patterns and visual effects make it difficult to replicate, which can help deter fraud.

Hologram Stickers - Matrixhologram

Brand Protection

The aesthetic appeal of goods, packaging, and advertising materials may all be improved by hologram stickers. The hologram's 3D appearance may give designs depth and substance, which makes them more striking and memorable.

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Compared to other anti-counterfeiting measures, hologram sticker are relatively inexpensive and easy to apply.

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Visual Appeal

Hologram sticker can be used by businesses to deter counterfeiters from using their brand. Companies may guarantee that customers are receiving genuine items while also discouraging counterfeiters from trying to imitate their brand by including holographic stickers on their products.

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Hologram stickers can be applied to products and packages as tamper-evident sealing. The hologram will be clearly destroyed or damaged when removed or interfered with, signalling that the item or package has been compromised or opened.

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Easy to apply

Hologram stickers are easy to apply and remove, making them a convenient and hassle-free solution for product authentication and protection.

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