Hologram ID Pouches

A hologram ID pouches is a specific kind of pouch or sleeve that is used to contain and safeguard identity cards like driver’s licences, ID cards, and badges. The pouch has a holographic image on the outside that’s been made with laser technology and gives the impression of being in three dimensions. The holographic image on the ID pouch is typically personalised with distinctive insignia or emblems of the issuing body or organisation, making it challenging to counterfeit.

The hologram ID pouch protects identity cards from deterioration, moisture, and dirt, adding to their security. The pouches are often constructed of a transparent, tough material like vinyl that allows the identity card to be visible while also adding an extra layer of protection from harm.

Hologram ID pouches are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as access control, security checkpoints, and events where ID verification is required. They can be attached to lanyards or clips and worn around the neck or clipped to a pocket or belt for easy access.


A hologram ID pouch is a simple yet effective security solution that helps prevent counterfeiting, protect identification cards, and enhance security in a variety of settings.

Customizable design

The hologram ID pouch can be customized with unique symbols or emblems, making it easy to identify the issuing authority or organization.

Easy to use

The pouch is designed to be user-friendly and can be easily attached to lanyards, clips, or other accessories for convenient and secure carrying.

Counterfeit prevention

The holographic image on the pouch is difficult to replicate, making it harder for counterfeiters to create fake ID cards or badges.

Enhanced security

The pouch helps protect the ID card from damage, tampering, and wear and tear, ensuring that the card remains in good condition and the information on it is legible and accurate.


Hologram ID pouches are relatively inexpensive and can be used to protect a wide range of identification cards, making them a cost-effective security solution.


Hologram ID pouches are a versatile security solution that can be used in a wide range of applications where identification cards need to be protected and authenticated. The pouches provide an extra layer of security and help prevent counterfeiting, tampering, and wear and tear.

Hologram ID pouches can be used in access control systems to authenticate employees, contractors, and visitors. The pouches can hold identification cards that provide access to restricted areas, such as offices, factories, and laboratories.

Hologram ID pouches can be used to hold event badges or tickets. The pouches provide an extra layer of security and help prevent unauthorized entry to events.

Hologram ID pouches can be used to protect student ID cards from damage and wear and tear. The pouches can also be used to authenticate students during exams or other academic activities.

Hologram ID pouches can be used in healthcare settings to hold staff identification cards or patient identification wristbands. The pouches help prevent tampering and provide an extra layer of security.

Hologram ID pouches can be used by government agencies, such as the military, to protect ID cards and badges from damage and ensure that the information on the cards is accurate and legible.

Hologram ID pouches can be used to protect and authenticate identification cards for transportation workers, such as pilots, flight attendants, and truck drivers. The pouches can also be used to hold identification cards for passengers, such as boarding passes or tickets.

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