Barcode Hologam Stickers

A barcode hologram sticker is a security feature that combines both barcode and holographic technologies to create a tamper-evident label that can be used for product authentication and anti-counterfeiting purposes.

The barcode hologram sticker has a special barcode that can be scanned to reveal details about the product or package it is affixed to, including its place of manufacture, destination, and expiration date. The holographic part of the sticker offers an extra degree of protection to the label by containing a three-dimensional picture that is challenging to duplicate.

It is impossible to reuse the label or apply it to another object once the sticker is removed since it normally leaves behind a residue or pattern that suggests tampering. The barcode holographic sticker on the packaging serves as a visible indicator if someone has tried to tamper with it, hence this feature helps prevent illegal access to or manipulation of the goods.

Barcode Hologram Stickers

Benefits Of Barcode Hologram Sticker

Barcode hologram stickers are an efficient way to safeguard products from being copied, ensure their validity, offer security, enable traceability, and safeguard the brand.


Stickers with barcode holograms are a useful deterrent for counterfeiters of products. The sticker's distinctive barcode and holographic picture make it challenging for counterfeiters to reproduce it, which lowers the possibility of phoney products entering the market.

Product Authentication

Manufacturers, brands and customers can use barcode hologram stickers to scan the barcode to confirm the product's validity and authenticity. This lowers the danger of buying fake goods by offering a quick and simple way to verify the product is authentic.


Stickers with barcode holograms give an extra degree of protection by making it simple to see whether a shipment has been tampered with. It is challenging for anyone to remove and replace the sticker without leaving tampering evidence due to the holographic picture and tamper-evident features of the sticker.


Manufacturers can track the flow of their products through the supply chain and instantly see any difficulties or potential issues thanks to the distinctive barcode on the sticker.

Brand Protection

Stickers with barcode holograms that verify that only authentic products are sold under the brand name assist to safeguard the reputation of the company. By doing this, the brand's reputation is preserved and the chance that items that aren't authentic would harm the brand's reputation is diminished.


Barcode hologram stickers are a versatile security feature that can be used in various industries to protect products and enhance security and authenticity.

Barcode hologram stickers can be used to add an additional layer of security to identification cards, such as employee badges or driver’s licenses.

Barcode hologram stickers are used as a security feature on product packaging to prevent counterfeiting and verify product authenticity.

Barcode hologram stickers are often used on luxury goods such as watches, handbags, and jewelry to protect against counterfeiting and ensure product authenticity.

Barcode hologram stickers are used in the food and beverage industry to prevent counterfeiting, ensure product authenticity, and protect against tampering.

Barcode hologram stickers are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to prevent the distribution of counterfeit drugs, and to ensure the authenticity of prescription drugs.

Barcode hologram stickers are often used in the electronics industry to ensure that products are not tampered with during transportation and to protect against counterfeit products.

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